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117 Kerr st, Fitzroy, 3065, Melbourne Australia



Hi my name is Shane Smith, I’m a 3D artist living in Melbourne.

I love characters that fly, laugh, dance, run, jump, talk, sing, skate, and play. characters that swim, sunbathe and drink beer. Giving life to an infinity of stories.

I’m responsive, strong-minded, dedicated to my work and most important: I’m adaptive. Learning new tools, pipelines, workflows or techniques was never a problem for me. Everything new to me I face as a new challenge, so when I learn something, I try to apply it to my work immediately, master it and evolve it.

I’m passionate about what I do – and there is no way to keep a long face while you’re doing something so enjoyable! So even with short deadlines and working under pressure, I always try to stay upbeat in everything I do. If you’re working with passion and joy, there’s no way to get bothered with what you’re doing!

Thank you so much for your time reading about me and viewing my portfolio.

Shane Smith.


Car Test

An old video of a Car test Created in Autodesk Maya Rendered in Vray

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Working on a small animation in my down time. Here is a work in progress of one of the characters.

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Working on my little Spaceman. Here’s a quick render of the first little guy so far.

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New website up!

New website! Watch this space for upcoming works.

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